01 Mar 2014

“Your Best Foot Forward”

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 Carpet After

 “Your Best Foot Forward”

By CW Building Maintenance

First impressions of your home, office, building, or store are very important. When you walk into a space and round a corner, you want to feel like it is inviting. Clean floors and especially carpets ensure that kind of comfort level for visitors as well as for those that work there. That type of consideration for your environment is what makes that space special.

Here is a before and after of carpets for a client’s space we recently cleaned. They were so pleased with the results, they sent this message…

“Thank you very much for cleaning our carpet here in the pilot plant. I appreciate the hard work and the dedication to making sure we as clients are satisfied. The carpet looks great and most importantly thank you for doing it for free. CW is truly a great company. “ Ivan Zamora

It’s a beautiful thing when you walk on floors and carpets that are clean and fresh. It reflects who you are as a business and the type of respect you have for those that walk those halls.