Little Things to Keep Your Office Green

Let’s face it. If you are working in a Bay Area office building, changes are that you need to be conscience of your surroundings. It is not enough for your company to maintain a green environment, but how can you help. There are many ways a maintenance team can support your office in staying clean.. read more →

14 Oct 2014
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Choose Wisely For A Cleaning Company

Choosing the best cleaning company for your business requires time and consideration. There are a number of considerations that contribute to your final decision, including research to find the company that best suits your business and determining the areas within your building or office that take priority. Once you have uncovered all of these factors,.. read more →

Laboratories: Dark Spaces or Clean Places?

Laboratories: Dark Places or Clean Spaces? By C W Building Maintenance When you think of laboratories, it can conjure thoughts of mad scientists, electrodes flying through the air, and hunchbacked lab assistants. They usually show up in castles, basements, and moldy web ridden dark spaces. The movies give us a romanticized and possibly scary look.. read more →

03 Jun 2014
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Fantastic Tiles by CW Building Maintenance

  “I think the floors look fantastic!!  What a difference removing all that black crud.  I will generate a PO for you to have the men’s done. Thanks to your crew.” ~ Dale Newland, Facilities Safety Officer Wow…if we could all feel that way about clean tile. Grout is not fun to look at and.. read more →

27 Apr 2014
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“Your Best Foot Forward”

     “Your Best Foot Forward” By CW Building Maintenance First impressions of your home, office, building, or store are very important. When you walk into a space and round a corner, you want to feel like it is inviting. Clean floors and especially carpets ensure that kind of comfort level for visitors as well.. read more →

The Good Habit of “Thank You”

Recently, I was sent this email… Hi Paulino, Felipe and Ezra, Lab 327 is fantastic! Looks like a new floor. I have not had a chance to check on 328, but am sure it is equally good. Please know we are very grateful for the beautiful job. Thanks, Cynthia” These quick words of gratitude to.. read more →

13 Jan 2014
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Buildings That Breathe

They don’t build buildings like they use to…or will they? There is an active push to create and construct structures that will allow for a natural environment that considers wind, rain, and sun. Is it going to generate a healthy way of life? We already have a “green program” that provide building managers another resource.. read more →

09 Mar 2013
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CW Building Maintenance

CWBM is starting the New Year off with a big BANG! We have introduced a fresh new look to the business with this website along with some brochures. We hope this blog will keep our friends, clients and yes, even our competitors up to date with news on the industry, new products and how our.. read more →

20 Feb 2012
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