26 Sep 2014

Choose Wisely For A Cleaning Company

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Choosing the best cleaning company for your business requires time and consideration. There are a number of considerations that contribute to your final decision, including research to find the company that best suits your business and determining the areas within your building or office that take priority. Once you have uncovered all of these factors, you can find a cleaning company offering everything your business needs.

Cleaning companies typically specialize in several areas. Whether you need simple janitorial services or you’re a lab and require specific needs or certifications. When compiling a list of cleaning companies operating in your area that specialize in your type of business, inquire with other businesses located in your area, preferably those that are similar and which cleaning company they use. Also ask them what services they require and whether they’re happy with the results. This should help you narrow down your list.

When contacting this list of janitorial service providers, don’t be shy. Determine what services they offer and what the cost will be and always ask for references to find out those with the best reputations and good customer service records. Make notes that indicate identifying the services they specialize in, the crew size, the time they can clean, and the cost. Although most companies like CW Building Maintenance will provide you a free quote, take it one step further and request a site visit. This is a common practice that CWBM performs.

Michelle Redding, Operations Manager for CW Building Maintenance states, “The benefit of a commercial cleaning service like ours is that it allows your business to focus on the day-to- day operations while the cleaning is handled by professionals, which saves you money that would otherwise be spent on cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment rental or purchase and time.”

Ms. Redding also suggests that you break down the most important cleaning areas for your business. This will make a cleaning crew a valuable asset to your building or office. Here are a few great examples of specific areas of interest outlined by eHow in a recent online article: “Commercial Janitor Cleaning Checklist”

  • Public and Office Space
  • Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Floor Maintenance

All these areas are necessary in maintaining the environment that best suites any office or building. However, also keep in mind that with some buildings such as hospitals, formal institutions, laboratory buildings, you need to choose a company or individual who is bonded, licensed and insured. Otherwise, you will be held liable for any on-the-job injuries or accidents and will not be reimbursed for any of your lost, broken or damaged property.

When reviewing what is needed to contract a maintenance or janitorial service, all of these tips are important. The last thing to think about is your comfort. References are important, viewing the website for reputability is key, and keeping in mind to choose a company that you would trust cleaning your home. Once all of these criteria are met, hire and be open to a strong relationship. Because when you contract with them, they become that valuable asset of your business that is worth the investment.