27 Apr 2014

Fantastic Tiles by CW Building Maintenance

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“I think the floors look fantastic!!  What a difference removing all that black crud.  I will generate a PO for you to have the men’s done. Thanks to your crew.” ~ Dale Newland, Facilities Safety Officer

Wow…if we could all feel that way about clean tile. Grout is not fun to look at and even harder to clean. In fact, no one enjoys cleaning it. Grout contains many old stains that are difficult to remove. However, there are ways to clean and manage those stained tiles and here are a few.

Bleach It Out!

Oxygen bleach is a cleaning product that is made of hydrogen peroxide and soda ash. This combination when mixed with warm water allows oxygen ions in the bleach to attach to stain molecules that break down stains and can be wiped away with little effort.

Chlorine bleach and baking soda is an option for cleaning grout. However, this solution should only be used on white grout because the bleach will ruin colored grout.

Green Is Clean!

Harmful chemicals and inorganic solvents are no longer needed to clean things. Believe it or not there are products that you can use that you have in your home and they’re eatable. Baking soda, lemon juice, citric acid, and vinegar are just a few of the natural household products we use.

Up With Steam!

A steam cleaning machine is an effective cleaning options when all else fails.

Restaurants, daycares, or other establishments that experience high traffic but must maintain a strict standard of clean, then investing in a grout cleaning machine is the way to go. Grout cleaning machines are a combination of a high pressure water stream with the scrubbing action of a brush. Although you can find them online and do-it-yourself, I would suggest leaving it to the professionals.

Cleaning grout and tile is hard work. There are many ways to get that shine depending on the stains and the tile color. It takes time, effort, and constant maintenance. So take the time to remove that black crud and like Dale said about the floors we did, make them look “fantastic”.