03 Jun 2014

Laboratories: Dark Spaces or Clean Places?

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Laboratories: Dark Places or Clean Spaces?

By C W Building Maintenance

When you think of laboratories, it can conjure thoughts of mad scientists, electrodes flying through the air, and hunchbacked lab assistants. They usually show up in castles, basements, and moldy web ridden dark spaces. The movies give us a romanticized and possibly scary look at the lab. However, in reality, scientific laboratories can be found in schools and universities, in industry, hospitals, drug research companies, and even out in space. In these environments, there are no stains or dust. They are sterile and very obvious that the lab assistance is not the cleaning crew that keeps it sanitary and germ free.

There’s a method to the madness when cleaning a laboratory. To protect yourself from hazardous experiments gone wrong, you need to take precautions. Certain items you will need are masks, gloves, cleaning materials that aren’t counteractive to the chemicals in the lab, and in some cases body wear and goggles. Not only do you clean to avoid contamination, but you also clean for the safety of those working in the lab. It takes a professional cleaning company that has experience in the overall maintenance and facility care to ensure a lab is up and running within a few hours.

From benches to test tubes, cleaning thoroughly may not leave much to the imagination. However it being clean allows for scientists imagination to run wild. For more information on how to properly clean a lab, don’t call Igor. Contact the experts with C. W. Building Maintenance at (415) 586-8164 or admin@cwmaintenance.com. They can protect the nutty professors and kill the cob webs.