Green Program

C.W. Building Maintenance is committed to providing their clients an “A PLUS” quality service that meets the Gold LEED Green Certification Program. Our goal is to achieve a healthier, cleaner environment by reducing waste pollution to conserve resources. This reduces the impact of natural resource consumption.


    • Increased Indoor Air Quality and Productivity
    • Health and Safety
    • Compliance Regulations
    • Source Reduction
    • Public Image
    • Use of Recycled Products


Another aspect of fulfilling the Green portion of the cleaning process is to use equipment that meets Green and LEED standards. Some requirements are:

• HEPA filtration vacuums
• Low emissions, dust control enhanced and quiet battery burnishes
• Extractors that use minimal water

Training & Communication

All cleaning personnel are trained to handle chemicals and equipment properly.

We provide a system for cleaning service employees to provide comments and suggestions about workplace issues.


Use of Green Seal approved cleaning products. C.W.B.M. currently uses BETCO Green Chemicals.

C.W.B.M. uses a chemical measuring and dilution control system that limits worker exposure to chemical concentrates while facilitating the proper dilution of chemical concentrates.

For more information on all the aspects of our Green Program, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US or download our informational PDF.